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Classic Ron Phillips

Classic Ron Phillips

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The ministry of Dr. Ron Phillips spans over 50 years of Bible study and preaching. He is legendary for being able to take complex biblical truths and make them easy to understand. These 25 classic messages reveal the heart of his ministry from warfare to living a Spirit-filled life.  MP3 audio files on a USB drive.

Sermons included:
11 Bible Ways to Healing
America’s War with Islamic Terror
Breaking Down The Walls
Breaking Old Habits & Ancient Curses
Bursting the Bubble of Trouble
Come Before Winter
Forbid Not To Speak with Tongues
Fount of Every Blessing
Gaining A Winning Mindset
Healing the Wounds of America
Holy Communion & Passover
How Angels Are Activated
Jezebel - The Controlling Spirit
Journey Out of Death
Keep Your Love Tank Full
Lessons from Ryce
Restoring Your Spiritual Passion
Run With The Horses
Tearing Down Strongholds
The Blessing of Abraham
The Company of David (preached at Brownsville revival)
The Enduring Dream
The Hunger for the Until
The Meal That Heals
Transformed Atmospheres


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