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The Hiram Code

The Hiram Code

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The world is on edge. People are living in fear of war, disease, financial ruin, and governmental collapse without much hope. But through God’s Word you can be assured of blessing and favor in the last days.


God’s promises will triumph to the end


Old Testament King Hiram was blessed by blessing Israel. Ron Phillips shows you how The Hiram Code holds valuable secrets that can unlock blessings in our lives, even in end-times. In addition to revealing the biblical mystery of the Hiram code, you will uncover three more fascinating ancient secrets for favor in end times, including support for Israel, the Isaac effect, and the David factor. Acquire an uncommon supernatural edge to rise above end-times unrest through answers to important biblical questions such as:


  • Who was King Hiram?
  • What lessons can we learn from Isaac?
  • How did he walk in the hundredfold blessing?
  • How can you face your giants?
  • And so much more!
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