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There are a lot of people in the Bible who asked why . . . even Jesus.  At times, we ALL wonder why bad things happen to God's people. Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Jr. looks at some of the reasons bad things happen, helps you understand how warfare plays a part in our struggles and equips you to walk through trouble with faith and strength. 12 sermons on CD.


  • Why Do Bad Things Happen to God’s People?  
  • The Desire of Satan  
  • The Stronghold Principle  
  • The Generational Sin Principle  
  • The Grace Principle  
  • The Called Principle 
  • The Spirit of Leviathan 
  • The Spirit of Jezebel  
  • Double Trouble  
  • The Favor Principle  
  • The Orphan Spirit  
  • The Snare of the Devil  
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